Mircoblading – 3 hours
Natural-looking hair strokes for eyebrow enhancements, normal to dry skin

Microshading (Ombre) – 3 hours
Powder look eyebrow enhancement, great for oily skin

Hybrid Brows (Soft & Bold Combination) – 3.5 hours
Natural hair-like strokes in the front and a filled-in powder look on the ends


Facial Accents
Lip Blush

Top Eyeliner
Bottom Lash Liner 
Top & Bottom Liner Combination
8 Week follow up 

Microblade freckles 

Additional Enhancements
Lash Lift 
     with tint 

Eyebrow Lamination
     with Eyebrow Wax 
     with Eyebrow Tint 

Event makeup – 1 hour

Makeover – 1.5 – 2 hours
Includes makeup art and either curling or straightening hair out. Must have clean dry hair

Consultation/booking fee required to book any semi-permanent makeup procedure. Nonrefundable and can be used toward the procedure.

Pre-disposition test is available upon request.  Recommended for sensitive skin types.

What’s Next?

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